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What is the Job Community?

Date of publication 12/05/2013

The jobs portal of Universidade de Coimbra is a result of a partnership between Universidade de Coimbra and the Trabalhando network, a  community of sites present in 11 Ibero-American countries, which offers more than 200 thousand job opportunities per month and specialises in developing portals for universities, with a client base of over 600 educational establishments.

The jobs portals of this community are all linked as a means of maximizing job offers and CVs, according to the necessities and aims of both companies and candidates.

  • Therefore an advertisement published on the Trabalhando site and associated portals would also appear on the ISEG portal, if it is relevant for our students.
  • CVs registered on this site will appear on searches made by companies registered with the network, if the candidates have clicked on the relevant box giving their consent.


Network members in Portugal:

Higher Education establishments








The Trabalhando network was founded in 1999, being the first jobs portal in Chile,

Today it is present in 11 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Espanha, Portugal, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Porto Rico, Uruguay e Mexico. It is the leading jobs community in the Ibero-American region. Over these years the network has grown into becoming the leading portal for the markets of online recruiting, personnel selection,  organisation of job fairs and human resources conferences.

The Trabalhando network is more than just a collection of portals, it is a jobs community consisting of a large network of associated websites, including those of important universities, institutes, chambers of commerce, industrial associations and town halls. It receives 195 thousand job offers per month, has processed 4.1 million job applications and has 8 million CVs registered online. It is used by 600 thousand companies and 195 thousand job offers are publicised each month, resulting in more than 4 million candidacies. The majority shareholder of Trabajando is the Universia network.



Universia is a network of 1,232 universities which is present in 23 Ibero-American countries (Andorra, Argentina, Bolívia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Equador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Porto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela). Universia works in both a virtual context and a traditional one.

Portugal was the eighth country to become part of the Universia portal, on May 2, 2002. To date, Universia Portugal counts 27 Higher Education institutions as members, both State and Private, which in total represent 70% of all Portuguese universities. The Universia network is the main shareholder of and is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of Santander bank.

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